Aiveen Daly
Introducing ‘Coralation’ a personal series of ribbon sculpture by Aiveen Daly

Inspired by the fluidity and grace of the ocean, this unique ribbon sculpture is a meditative, delicate artwork painstakingly hand pleated and manipulated using FSC certified sustainable Italian ribbon. Aiveen wanted to create a sculpture that represented the ocean’s constant motion and ebb and flow, and to echo the delicate intricacy of the corals to be found there. Coralation is a celebration of simplicity and sensitivity and reflects the quieter side of her persona.

Her innovative approach focuses on the beauty of the negative space between the ribbon strands. Hundreds of metres were used, painstakingly laid in continuous, correlating, rhythmic circles. Evolving millimetre by millimetre, the work comprises over 10,000 meandering, hand sculpted curves. The freedom to play with movement and shapes juxtaposed with the precision required to secure each curve perfectly within the frame lend Coralation a unique character that is understated but dynamic with lots of light play.
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